Lookout, Road Runner!

Password track works by asking an operator to go through a replay and click on a couple of frames, so that the computer can identify the ball. Using algorithms that model the physics, the full path of the ball can then be calculated and displayed on a replay. And the same can be done for fun, which allows to determine exactly where and when a ball passes between the goalposts.

But neither track Pass and Kick track work with real data, and this is the next challenge. “In a sport like football there are so many collisions, players obscuring another, [the players] are difficult to distinguish. Their jerseys are the same, their helmets are the same in the same team.” Sportvision the NFL and other companies are experimenting with active tracking technology,Elevation Training Mask but seeing that made live in a football issue could still be a few seasons.

In recent years, the company has experimented with 3D. He created a product called synthetic video – who modeled the players on the field, allowing almost a replay of a game turn out of the original camera’s field of view – and he looked technology for 3D television. However, Jakob sees combining data acquisition with the increase in picture technology Sportvision the next big thing.

“We did a number of years with the past,” he said. “We introduced this track calls that pass where we can show the track on a ball … Show how a quarterback dropped a ball just over the shoulder of a receiver, and the arc of the pass, he was thrown on a hard path, or if it was lobed and dropped in. ”

The other key technology behind the first down line was the camera modeling. “You must be very good at modeling the camera,” said Jakob. “You must be able to look through the lens and know what you are looking for and where everything in the real world is in your virtual world. “as the camera movements, zooms and tilts, graphics should be kept in perspective so that they appear as part of the image. to do this, elevation training mask sale Sportvision matches each broadcaster cameras with instruments that measure pan data, tilt and zoom. the system can then adjust the size, shape and location of the image to have it fit perfectly into each frame.

Having solved the problem of increasing the reality on the playground, Sportvision moved on to other places in the stadium. Using the same camera modeling technology allowed billboards or virtual video screens to be placed around the field. They are used to display statistics or replays, and they remain fixed in place as the camera moves around, giving the impression that they are actual physical structures, not just computer graphics.

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